Batman Tutu

My adorable little cousin decided that this year for Halloween she wanted to be Batman. So my cousin (her mom) came to me to help make a little girl Batman costume.

We decided to make a Tutu.

All you need is:

– Elastic band

– Tulle fabric, in whatever colors you would like

– Sowing Machine

– Ribbon

For a little ones waist we used a 3/4 inch piece of elastic. For someone bigger I would use a 1 inch. Measure around their waist and then cut off 2-3 inches of the elastic (once you put the tulle on it will stretch out and fit perfect)

Sew the elastic together and put around a cylinder, this makes it easier to attach the tulle.


Cut the tulle in strips (pretty thick strips) and make slip knots around the band.

We chose Batman colors to match her shirt. We used 5 yards of black and 1 yard of yellow.

When we were done with the tool we attached a blue ribbon around the inside and made a bow.

She is going to be the most adorable Batman ever!


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